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In today's fast-paced, competitive markets, intellectual property strategy and protection drives both innovation and sustainability.

PIT offers flexible IP courses for engineers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

With some of the nation's top IP minds as faculty and advisors, you're assured to receive quality, hands-on IP training that immediately benefits your employer, business, or invention.

We Offer Our Students

Complete IP Curricula

Basic and advanced training in patent, trademark, and copyright law.


Train on your own schedule wherever you are.

Content Delivery

Curriculum content delivered via live stream, video, handouts, on-line quizzes, and exams.

Employment Opportunities

Access to hiring law firms and corporate sponsors looking for professionals with your knowledge and skillset.

A Few Facts About Intellectual Property

Top 3 Questions for Engineers, Scientists, and Inventors

1Q. Why don't I have to go to law school to practice patent law?
The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office provides a limited legal recognition for engineers & scientists to practice in a quasi-legal capacity under the Patent Bar, without going to law school.
2Q. Can I find employment without taking the Patent Bar?
Yes. If you are properly trained, law firms and corporate entities will hire you as a Technical Specialist or Patent Engineer – even without having passed the Patent Bar.
3Q. Are there more opportunities and better pay for patent practitioners?
Yes. Depending on your technical background, there are more opportunities for engineers and scientists as patent practitioners and generally a substantially higher starting salary.

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