Customized Law Firm Practicum

Get a Faster ROI on New Associates

Our customized law firm practicum utilizes a cost-effective means to significantly reduce the time partners spend training new associates.

We consult with the firm’s Intellectual Property partners to determine the firm’s hiring needs and best practices for patent drafting and prosecution. The consultation includes a detailed analysis of previously drafted patent applications across varying inventive concepts and technical disciplines.

PIT leverages the law firm’s best practices to teach new associates the patent drafting process, methods for analyzing patent applications, and how to respond to office actions based on proven, firm-specific strategies.

Reduce Associates’ need for feedback from Partners
Increase Associates’ productivity and work product quality
Eliminate routine and novice Associate mistakes
Reduce Associates’ learning curve
Provide up to 29 CLE credits for Associates (varies by state)

Intellectual Property Education for Your Business

Build a Firm IP Foundation for Company Growth

We believe better results come through diversity. That's why our IP training team comprises patent prosecutors and litigators, corporate IP counsel, former USPTO examiners, and other specialists to work collaboratively to add value to your organization.

PIT is the advisory consultant that companies trust to manage and optimize IP performance. Let us educate your staff and help you generate IP-based revenue. With a greater understanding of your company's IP strategy, you can increase your budget flexibility to scale up or down based on your volume and optimize ROI for your intellectual property.

Find out what PIT can do for your organization.